I'm 22 years of age, and enjoy the creative side of life. I work best in a casual, creative environment, independently or around people with a similar passion for alternate virtual realities and adventure in general. I'm an easy-going guy, and I do my best when faced with a challenge. In my spare time I love playing PC FPS & adventure games, old console games(NES, N64), upgrading my computer, biking, fruit, international films and the great outdoors.

I was highly involved with Unreal level editing since I got my first PC, and gradually transitioned my focus to level content creation instead. I like the high-level control you have over the entire level creation process in the content creation phase, rather than being limited to what you're given as the level builder. Excluding coding, I enjoy most aspects of level creation; modeling & world building the most, texturing or level designing the least.

I'm passionate about the games I grew up with(Quake, Goldeneye, Unreal, etc.), and do not hold high regards for newer games made mainly for profitability. I believe the best games are always the product of creative expression and new ideas. I think it would be cool to travel through space, have my own TV show, fly, and be part of making a better game. I'm currently seeking paid work in games, film, or multimedia.

Resume link(PDF):